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Retiring the BT50

It's time to retire the BT50

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Smartek Shower tent

Our new shower tent.

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Fitted Battery Sense to Aussie Swag

We have fitted a CTEK Battery Sense to the camper batteries.

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New Hose Adaptor for Hot Water System on Aussie Swag

We have replace ed the plastic hose thread adaptor with a brass adaptor, as the plastic one was not considered strong enough.

Brass Adaptor
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New Springs Fitted to Aussie Swag

We replaced the springs in the Aussie Swag Camper.

Aussie Swag Springs
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Caravan and Camping Show

We decided to visit the caravan and camping show at Rosehill this year, as we haven't been for several years.

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Suspension on Aussie Swag Campertrailer

The left side suspension was sagging by 30mm. Time to do something.

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Kitchen Light on Aussie Swag

We replaced the incandescent globe in the external kitchen light with an LED globe.

Kitchen Light Aussie Swag
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12 Pin Trailer Plug

We have replaced the 7 pin trailer plug with a 12 pin plug.

12 Pin Trailer Plug
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Bedside Power in Aussie Swag

I finally found time to install power sockets beside the bed.

Bedside Power
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New Fridge in Aussie Swag

We have replaced the fridge in the Aussie Swag Camper.

Fridge Waeco 80L
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Foxwing Awning Fitted to BT-50

We have installed a Foxing awning.

Foxwing Awning
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Exhaust Leak on BT-50

The EGR cooler in the BT-50 has been leaking exhaust gas, and causing the turbo to whistle louder.

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Fan for the Aussie Swag Campertrailer

We have installed a fan in the camper.

Aussie Swag Fan
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New Gas Bottles for Aussie Swag Camper

The gas bottles are nw over 10 years old, so are out of date.

Gas Bottle

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